my trip to megamall

September 24, 2006

i decided to try and find the sm megamall today, so i did my research online, and discovered that it was only about a 10 minute walk from where i am working. i grabbed a cab in the early afternoon and headed over there by myself, because the others had to work tonight, and slept during the day.

my entire reason for going to the megamall is probably going to sound a little crazy. i went there to find comic books. upon arriving at the mall, i found a directory (6 floors!) and it turned out i was pretty much standing right on top of the stores i was looking for. i was actually hoping it would take me some time to find the stores, so i would be forced to look around a bit (as i’m not much of a shopper).

i looked around in the comic stores, but they were really busy, and i’m fairly claustrophobic, so i took off and walked around. unfortunately, it appeared that the rest of the mall was just as busy (think metrotown at christmas time). speaking of christmas time, the entire time i was at the mall (approximately 3 hours), they were playing christmas and holiday music.

i quickly found out that the higher in the mall you go, the less busy it was. (the comic stores were on the bottom floor.)  after taking a quick stroll through the mall (just to see if there was anything else of interest), i used the upper floors to make my way back and forth to the stores i was interested in.

i did buy a couple books, and found out that the new books were released on wednesdays in case i want to go back. after that, i found a drink and went to sit down in the food court to read. i read for awhile, and then four young kids (5 or 6 years old?) came up and sat at my table, and started reading along with me (or hopefully just looking at the pictures – the book was filled with profane language, heh). i said hi to them, but they spoke back to me in another language (i’m assuming tagalog), and i just shrugged my shoulders and went back to the book. they stuck around at my table for about five minutes, and then ran off somewhere.

i went to a couple more bookstores, but decided that since i still have two novels i haven’t finished back at the hotel, i should read those before i buy more.

after that, i flagged a cab, and headed back to the hotel.

today, i was a lot more comfortable with everything. in the cabs i took, i knew where i was going, if the drivers were taking the best routes – one of them didn’t take the right lane to get into the mall, and i called him on it. he then had to drive around the (long) block to get back to the mall. on the way back, i knew the driver would have to turn away from the direction i wanted to go to make a u-turn up the road. he told me what he was doing, and i understood why.

in dealing with people at the mall, i still had some problems communicating ideas and questions, but for the most part, things went smoothly.

there are a couple things that are weird, and still make me feel like a foreigner. i went to a fast food restaurant to eat, and i waited for my food, but i guess they normally just bring it out to you when it’s ready. (that’s not normal, is it? i don’t really eat much fast food in vancouver) i also seated myself at the restaurant, which i found out (as i was leaving) is a no-no. the staff seats you where they feel it is most appropriate, and not where you want to sit. something else that makes me feel weird? i can see over most people’s heads here. and no, i’m not wearing stilts or platform shoes.

i’m going to relax a bit before i go to bed.



One Response to “my trip to megamall”

  1. Mom said

    Hey Junky, Am I suppose to buy you a transit pass. We talked about it once. Let me know. Kim’s wedding was really nice. Fred got pictures.

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