milenyo in makati

September 27, 2006

(or in english – but not literally – “the typhoon is looking back at me through the window”)

remember how you felts as a kid in the winter time, and you’d wake up and run to the window to see if school was canceled because of the snow on the ground? that’s probably what the kids here are feeling right now, except there’s no snow, and the weather conditions are probably a lot more dangerous than a little snow.

typhoon milenyo (aka xangsane) hit the eastern philippine coast shortly after 4PM local time, wednesday the 27th. since that time, we have been experiencing increasing amounts of rain and wind, and decreasing amounts of human and vehicle traffic on the streets. the power went out, and what sounds like very loud thunder is the wind rattling the windows of the hotel. rain, paper and leaves are actually flying upwards past my hotel window, twenty-two storeys up.

although the rain hasn’t stopped since last night, it hasn’t started flooding (badly) in my area yet, but areas close by appear to be a little flooded. according to the news that i don’t really understand, it appears that flights have been grounded for the time being.

the newspaper says that around 5 pm local time, the storm will be directly above the makati and mandaluyong areas, which are the areas that i am staying in and working in, respectively. i’m not sure how we will get to work (or how others will get to work either).

i will post more later. i’m going to try and get some sleep now that the power is back on.


3 Responses to “milenyo in makati”

  1. claralana said

    holy SHIT JEFF!
    YOU FAMOUS *****!!!!!!!!

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