September 28, 2006

things seem to have calmed down. it’s still windy and rainy, but not as windy and rainy as it was earlier.

i did get some rest, eventually.

reading through the news, a mall in mandaluyong city (close to where i am working) lost pieces of it’s roof. for some other interesting yet shocking news, go to yahoo and type in “milenyo” or “xangsane” and then read through the news results (a link near the top of the page).

it looks like i was wrong in what i heard earlier about when the worst part of the storm would hit. it appears to have already moved through this area (at least according to what i have read). hopefully that’s true. i also read that this is the first typhoon (i think it may have been downgraded to tropical storm) to come right through manila in over 10 years.

(“xangsane” is the laotian word for elephant. i’m not sure what “milenyo” means.) 

– fuji


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  1. Mom said

    Hi Junky. At least you know how to swim. Didn’t get your last two updates til the morning of the 28th. I was wondering what was up.

  2. […] It’s a kind of milestone I think that bloggers like mr. fuji meets manila (latest, here; but the best heading in the series: oh crap) and Tech in Black live-blogged the storm! Leigh Reyes has a YouTube video up; myka’s site also links to a video of damage in a gated community. pinoysnapshots (familiar to readers of this blog as baratillo@cubao) has, well, snapshots: a snippet from his blog: Then the building began to wobble. A subtle wobble: a horizontal shift from left to right. At first only one person noticed it. The others notice it as well. And another person noticed it. Like an aikido master the building was dancing and deflecting against the wrath of storm. At one of the points on the office floor one could hear the flexing sound made by steel and concrete as the building did its tango with Xangsane. At the point where the sound was strongest there was a disquieting feeling. Everything was quiet except for that sound. It was most disconcerting. […]

  3. kars said

    it means ‘Millennium’.

  4. Emer said

    So that’s what “Xangsane” means. Well, it was an elephant of a typhoon, I must say. Hope the next one will be weaker.

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