following the elephant

September 28, 2006

how fitting

more pics in the wake of milenyo / xangsane. the bare metal structures used to be billboards.. (clicking the numbers below will open the pics in a new window – my apologies if it takes some time to load, i don’t have an image editor to size them down)

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23 Responses to “following the elephant”

  1. nonongg said

    ahhhhh….looks better without the billboards. “i can see clearly now, the rain is gone…..” Johnny Nash

  2. […] Grin and bear it: electricity restored by Sunday. According to the Daily Tribune, 43 million people affected by the power outage.  AS for me, since the elevator’s conked out I have to rely on mr. fuji meets manila to see what’s what -and yes, if only all the ad billboards and such weren’t replaced, the streets would be nicer. Speaking of billboards… […]

  3. Thanks so much for the pictures! I don’t have a digi cam and haven’t been able to see the damage outside of my little Quezon City life. Glad to see you made it through the storm!

  4. Joji said

    For people like me who are not in the Philippines, looking at your pictures has made it real for me. That is happened and seeing the peole quite affected, it also pains me at the same time.

  5. Joji said

    For people like me who are not in the Philippines, looking at your pictures has made it real for me. News from home is always something.

  6. Emer said

    Technically, Xangsane is only a Category 1 typhoon. I can only imagine the aftermath if it were stronger.

  7. Richard said

    Thanks for giving me a glimpse of the aftermath of the typhoon. I can only imagine the damage brought about by it to other areas as well. Ironically, I miss experiencing the wrath of a typhoon as I am here in Dubai. I’m glad to inform you also that my loved ones back home are safe and sound.

  8. wilson said

    i am also not in the philippines right now, makes u wonder, what our government plans to do. After, each calamity finger-pointing and political grandstanding. Get your acts together. When my mom told m to go back to the Phil. I told her the only time i will go back is as tourist. It’s safer in Singapore, free from natural and man-made calamities. But sincerely my hearts goes out to all common people who lost their home, livelihood and some even lives.

  9. We were about to leave our condo unit yesterday when a door was swirling in the air and hit anothe rcondo unit…so we told ourselves ” it aint worth it to go to the mall today for lunch”.hehehe. btw, mr. fujiwara, i got some of your pics and posted it on my website ( with due recognition) and feel free to download my pics as well. hehe. – domo harigato.

  10. reminded me of being near a tornado… scary..

  11. k woods said

    Scary……luckily here in new York, we rarely get hurricanes (typhoons). Keep your spirits up my friends…your in my prayers.

  12. Steve said

    I flew out of Manila to return home to the US, Thursday morning, before the worst of it hit. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  13. Nomen said

    I left Luzon on Wednesday just before the typhoon hit. Seeing destruction at places I’ve just visited over the past few days is unreal… My heart goes to all of you.

  14. Jhaye Freeze said

    Thanks to your pics and news. I am a Filipina-
    Canadian and my heart bleeds seeing the wrath
    of the storm, its so real and makes me feel
    so sad for my countrymen but filipinos are very
    resilient and strong whatever form of calamity
    either natural or man-made, I still have strong
    faith to all Filipinos. God Bless the Philippines.

  15. touchee said

    wow,your blog is in the Inquirer’s sooo expect a spike in traffic!good work!

  16. Beware, the wrath of falling coconuts…

  17. Kam said

    Good work Mr. Fuji…Keep up the good work…BTW, if you use Win XP then go to the site and download a nifty little add on for XP users. Once installed you can then resize the pics that you want, and upload for all to enjoy. Alternately you can also try downloading IrfanView. One more thing…pics 27, to 29 are repeats of 24 to 26.

  18. Randyh said

    there goes another smart chronicler.I enjoyed viewing the pics.I must say the 11 years that Manila has waited for, has finally ended.Our very own “katrina” has made his landfall.

  19. ipanema said

    You remind me of a storm chaser. The only difference is that they do it during the storm. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your photos. Looks like mother nature played tree-cutter. I can just imagine when those huge billboards topple.

  20. […] JFujiwara has several posts at his blog, Mr. Fuji Meets Manila, including a good number of photos of Makati […]

  21. maria joson said

    your great shots of the devastation brought by the typhoon, makes us so sad here in Milwuakee.WI
    all we can do is offer prayers for our poor country.
    i hope the bayanihan spirit of filpino’s still works .

  22. maria joson said


  23. mAnysik said – Your hyip and surfs monitoring site !

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