makati is dark..

September 29, 2006

looking out from my manila hotel room, makati is dark, right to the horizon. it’s eerie to see a city that was full of lights now sleeping. there a little flecks of light here and there, but it still seems so odd. it also makes things very dangerous (especially at night) in a city where traffic is so chaotic. in a ride through the city this evening, it still appears that power will be at least a few days away. i realize how lucky i am in my hotel, while many others do without.

i want to thank manuel quezon iii and everyone else for linking here, to help share the reality of this situation. i’ve been reading the papers and the online news, and i’m shocked and saddened by the effects of the storm. check out some of the sites that manuel has mentioned for more.

I’d also like to thank (the inquirer) for the mention as well, which can be viewed here.

– fuji


6 Responses to “makati is dark..”

  1. neah said

    hi mr. fuji! got here through inquirer. 🙂
    milenyo means millenium.
    your trip to megamall was funny, i went there just yesterday… 😀

  2. Here in Quezon we’ve got sputters of light. One side is half lit while my side is totally dark. Come on power!

    Mega Mall is crazy but fun. I get a special kick from wandering around the malls here. It’s fun to people watch and window shop.

    Too much fun.

  3. meaomeao said

    Wow you’re getting a lot of hits mr. fuji… I speed read through all your posts… sounds like a very good experience (yes, including the elephant). Seeing the world for its worth, understanding more of humanity and living life that we might have never known otherwise… it’s all good. Knowing Gabe, he probably stayed up to watch the storm. 😉 The pictures definitely shows the footsteps of the storm, though it brings back my childhood memories of when I was in Hong Kong. Now I’m just crossing my fingers and praying to God that it will NOT be like this for me when I go to Cancun in 3 week’s time (albeit, as I had mentioned, I do appreciate someone else’s lifestyle, I much more appreciate what I have – not in a vain way). Question: what is the difference between the mall of Asia and the mega mall? is that the same thing? Did I tell you that apparently there’s a bookstore with WALLS of interior design books for restaurants? It’s just really cool stuff…. Have fun! Because I’m not sure when’s the next time you’ll be going to PH!

  4. Mall of Asia is the biggest Mall in Asia. It’s gigantic. It’s like the Titanic. I haven’t been out there yet. Megamall is big but compared to Mall of Asia she’s a tugboat.

  5. The Neiszners said

    Hey there, just wanted to let you know we are all thinking about you and hope you keep safe. Your situation just seems to accentuate the miles between you and “home.” I can’t imagine you having to ride out that storm, even if it was from your hotel room, a bad lighting and thunderstorm is enough to unsettle me! By the way, thanks for remembering Kim on her special day, your absence was certainly conspicuous.


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