goodbye milenyo, welcome neneng

October 3, 2006

it’s a known fact – nature doesn’t fight fair. a week after milenyo passed through manila on the island of luzon, tropical storm neneng threatens to follow through with another, possibly devastating blow to the residents of the island. 

according to what i’ve read, and the pictures i’ve seen, it appears as though neneng will hit the north part of the island around the 6th or 7th of october. it is also reported that many residents in this area still do not have electricity or a safe drinking water supply. hopefully efforts will be concentrated around this area when the weekend hits to minimize the effects of this second storm. 

we may experience some bad weather in manila, but the hardest hit areas will be north of where i am. since i’m not familiar with this kind of weather, i’m not sure if planes will be grounded, but if they are, my return trip will be delayed. 

i’ve been working a lot lately, and have been having difficulty connecting to the internet in my hotel room, so i haven’t been posting much lately. i’ll see if i can write a little more about what i’ve been up to in the coming days.


9 Responses to “goodbye milenyo, welcome neneng”

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