remember to leave something behind

October 5, 2006

my hotel room is clean, and that can only mean two things: i just got here, or i’m getting ready to leave.

in less than 48 hours, i will be on a plane, heading east over the pacific back home. it only really hits me that i’m going somewhere when my suitcase is packed. everything is neatly folded and packed away to protect the expensive or delicate items of clothing. the only items that remain unpacked are two bottles of shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, contact lens stuff, pomade, clothes for the next two mornings, and the laptop.

while i know i haven’t seen as much as i would have liked to, i’ve also seen more than i ever thought that i would see. i’ve definitely learned more than i thought that i would here. as with any experience, the important parts are what you take away from it and what you leave behind (which hopefully doesn’t include your passport, but rather the impact you had on those you met, worked with, etc.).

with the storm off the eastern coast taking a turn for the north, it looks like i will be leaving makati as bright as it was as when i arrived. the lights are back on, and every now and then a bolt of lightning will flicker in the sky.



5 Responses to “remember to leave something behind”

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