a little closer..

September 16, 2006

eight or so hours before i leave, and i’m not fully packed. i do have my suitcase out though. here’s a quick inventory of what i’m packing:

  • 14 shirts (some casual, some dress shirts)
  • 6 pairs of pants
  • 2 pairs of shorts
  • an uncounted number of underwear
  • 12 pairs of socks (8 of which are brand new)
  • 1 hat
  • almost everything in my bathroom (except for towels, toilet paper, and the sink soap)
  • 2 books
  • a rubik’s cube (5x5x5)
  • an ipod
  • various other things that i probably don’t need (like replacement inserts for dress shirt collars, post-it notes, and a de-linter)
  • a laptop (company provided), and my digital camera

so what am i looking forward to at this point?

the airport – i love airports. they are one of my favourite places to be. i enjoy getting on the plane, and finding my seat, discovering where all the buttons are, and what they do (attendant!). i look forward to sleeping most of the way there.

i will also be meeting an old acquaintance in manila. when i traveled to mumbai almost two years ago, i met lara at the centre where we worked. he showed me around mumbai, and took me for some great food. since then, he has relocated to manila, so i will get the chance to see him again.

it’s time for me to finish doing what i need to do. i’ll catch up with you all from the hotel.



live from vancouver

September 14, 2006

i’ll be leaving in about 48 hours, and those who know me well probably know that i haven’t packed a thing. i haven’t taken my suitcase out of the closet (and i even phoned my mom to make sure she didn’t have it before i even checked my closet). i may not look prepared to the outside observer, but i know where everything is that i need: still at the store.

i do have a reason for that though; it’s not just because i’m lazy. i just recently got rid of a terrible headache that lasted 5 days, and at times had me crawling around on the ground in pain.

yes, i’m going to manila on work business, but i’m not going to write about work. i have two main reasons for that: one, there are people reading this that i don’t work with; and two, it probably wouldn’t be all that fun to read about. i’ll try and write everyday, but depending on how busy i am, it may be a couple days between updates. i’ll also post lots of pics!

well, that’s all for now. i should really get back to.. well, doing nothing in particular. maybe i’ll go make a list of what i need to buy tomorrow. i’ll probably post again shortly before i take off.


completely ignored workplace disclaimer: please only read this on your lunch or break unless you are reading from home.